Greg Woodruff, Project Manager

Gregg has over ten years of experience in planning, natural resources permitting, and sustainable design projects. While at Langan, his work has included overall project management as well as various focused land use planning and consulting services, including master planning, preparing numerous federal and state permit applications, preparing municipal and state Environmental Impact Statements, testimony as a professional planner before municipal planning and zoning boards, and leading sustainable design efforts. Gregg also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Chapter of the United States Green Building Council and the New Jersey affiliate of the national ACE Mentor Program.

Sustainable Site Planning looks holistically at transportation, habitat protection, storm water, and local climate.

Transportation accounts for 30% of all greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. Planning for alternate means such as bicycle, pedestrian, mass transit, green vehicles, and telecommuting are best practices we  can help integrate in to your project cost effectively.

Habitat Protection and restoration is an opportunity evey project has to leave a site better than it found it. Soil restoration, use of native plantings, limiting of site disturbance and erosion control are some of the measures we typically consider.

Storm Water is a resource often thrown away. Designing to keep storm water onsite, collecting it to use for irrigation or in buildings and infiltrating it into the ground helps reduce impacts on surrounding infrastructure while improving local aquifers.

Local Climate is affected by selection of hardscape & roof materials as well as exterior lighting. Pervious surfaces, high albedo materials, green roofs, and proper lighting design help reduce the heat island affect, create habitat, and reduce night sky pollution.