Indoor Environmental Quality focuses on many aspects simultaneously such as product toxicity, air quality, ventilation, lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, and ergonomics. According to the EPA, people spend 90% of their time in buildings. There are also over 40,000 unregulated chemicals in the products we surround ourselves with every day, making this topic critical to address. To create the healthiest indoor environment, Simply Sustainable llc can eliminate the toxic chemicals in products by helping you choose the best options within your budget. 

Air Quality is affected by chemical content of materials, provision of adequate ventilation & filtration, maintaining thermal comfort & the building envelope and proper controls. The experts at M&E Engineers, Parette Somjen Architects and Designs for Life understand how to optimize these elements to create a harmonious result. If you have issues in your existing buildings, the Environmental Connection team can diagnose the problem and design a plan to correct them.

Comfort is different for everyone. The best way to ensure comfort and well being is to allow occupants to control their own environment to the fullest extent possible. Operable windows, access to natural daylight that can be well controlled, proper zoning & thermostatic controls on HVAC, and correctly designed furniture and acoustic separation are critical to ensuring comfort.

Lia Nielsen, LEEDga, Owner, Simply Sustainable llc: We screen all products we sell against the highest standards in toxcity with a goal of eliminating chlorines, formaldehydes and VOCs. Many of our products are third party certified by LBC Declare, Cradle to Cradle & others.

Steve ManiaPresident, Environmental Connection: EC's experts in industrial hygiene, environmental management & building sciences specialize in diagnosing & remediating contaminants such as mold, asbestos, lead & many others  harmful to human health and the habitat.

Jason Kliwinski, AIA, LEED Fellow, Principal, Designs for Life: Our client's health and well being are our primary concern. We design to create the healthiest buildings possible on time & within budget.