Sustainable Energy/Net Zero Energy design looks holistically at reducing demand, using the most effienct systems possible and then offsetting remaining usage with renewable sources.

Demand Reduction starts with proper building orientation, superior building envelope  insulation, and integration of natural systems. Designs for Life llc can create cost effective net zero energy designs this way. But don't forget to look for savings just from changing your habits first with Energy Training Solutions KiloWat program to find no and low cost savings.

Efficient Systems include high performance MEP, lighting, and controls. HVAC and lighting account for nearly 70% of all energy used in buildings. Considering high performance systems can dramatically reduce energy use 50% or more. Our Engineers design complete M/E/P/FP engineering. MBP provides commissioning services, ensuring systems operate as designed. Ekonow provides efficient LED lighting and renewable energy systems.

Renewable Energy such as solar electric, wind, fuel cell, and biofuel are viable options to consider in reaching net zero energy, carbon neutral performance. Clear Cell Power's CHP Fuel Cell is a unique fuel cell providing both power and heat to make you more resilient.

Todd Rogers CEM, Owner, Energy Training Solutions: His energy management and sustainability programs are utilized by K-12 schools, ESCO's, public housing authorities, utilities, and government agencies. .
Rob Schmitz, LEEDga, Project Manager, MBP Inc.: Mr. Schmitz has more than 23 years of construction industry experience to include 15 years with an architectural firm focusing on sustainable design and mixed-use buildings.
Victor Mezh, President, Clear Cell Power:  generates clean continues electricity, provides heat and cooling, improved sustainability, utility cost control, water savings and secure resilient energy.
Andrew Potter,  New York-based provider of LED Lighting and Green Power Solutions and renewable energy applications in the U.S. and elsewhere
Jason Kliwinski AIA, LEED Fellow: Has designed several net zero energy buildings, prepared multiple carbon neutrality master plans, and integrated more than 25 megawatts of solar into projects.