There are a plethora of tax incentives, grants, and financing options, including new mortgage products, designed to assist owners, real estate developers and facilities managers in implementing sustainability in industrial, commercial and residential new and retro-fit projects.

Financing Green Building

Green Buildings make sense....and save dollars. We are a firm believer it should not cost more to build green and have a portfolio of LEEDâ„¢ Silver and Gold certified projects to prove it. We've never added money to a construction project to achieve LEEDâ„¢ certification or high levels of sustainability and performance. 

While energy saving is a key component of a sustainable building, it isn't the only financial incentive for building owners to "go green." Green buildings nationwide see an increased per square foot value and realize higher lease and sales prices. There are also a multitude of grant programs, tax incentives, and financing options that can significantly reduce or even eliminate costs to building owners. 

Our team knows where to find many of these incentives, how to align them with the strategies and technologies your project may include to maximize potential rebates, and assit in completing technical applications to help ensure you realize hose funds. 

The grants, incentives, and tax credits available are not retroactive and must be applied for and approved prior to start of construction in most cases.

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