Water Efficiency is a critical component of sustainability. Only about 1-2% of our water supply is drinkable. We use roughly 14% of that in buildings and of that, we flush 60-75% for toilets. Why do we flush drinking water?

Indoor Water Efficiency starts with reducing consumption, using the most efficient technologies & identifing ways to offset consumption with alternative sources. Our Architects & Engineers understand how to integrate and design technologies to dramatically reduce consumption 50% or more. We get enough rainwater in certain parts of the county to flush toilets 3x over.

Outdoor Water Efficiency focuses primarily on reducing or eliminating potable water consumption related to irrigation. The experts at Bohler understand how to design landscaping that requires no irrigation (xeroscaping), use alternate sources for this purpose, or specify smart technology. Their services include complete site/civil engineering as well as landscape design.

Water Quality is of utmost importance to human health. Ensurcing your water supply is free of lead, arsenic, cholera, heavy metals, and other toxins is crucial. The experts at Environmental Connection include industrial hygenist specializing in water quality testing and remediation.

Steve ManiaPresident, Environmental Connection: EC's experts in industrial hygiene, environmental management & building sciences specialize in diagnosing & remediating contaminants harmful to human health and the habitat.

David Wisotsky, LEEDga, Senior Project Manager,Bohler: Professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in design, permitting, consulting, and management of
civil and structural projects.